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Audit Spend Review

Get a free, no obligation spend audit and start saving money with 465 Office

Is it possible that you’re paying too much for your office supplies? Why not find out with our free, no obligation spend audit and start saving today?

With a wide variety of products, non-comparable quotes and the uncertainty of how much your business really does consume, the procurement of office supplies can be a complex challenge. However, we believe in honesty and transparency, and we’re confident that our free audit service will allow you to start saving on your office consumables instantly.

How we can help

Step 1

Identify your Core Products

Do you know what your consumables spend is? Our team will look at your high-ticket items and most frequently bought products and identify the key areas where you can achieve the most savings.

Step 2

Simplify Purchasing Habits

Once the analysis has been completed, we will be delighted to compile a list of alternative quality products and provide our expert advice on which office consumables you could buy to reduce costs. We are confident this will be a beneficial step in helping you achieve your desired savings and finding some great alternatives for your business.

Step 3

Consolidate Spend

You could make significant cost savings by combining all your office purchasing to 465 Office and receiving one consolidated monthly invoice. Bulk items can be ordered and delivered through a bulk purchasing system that simplifies daily invoice routines and achieves an aggregated discount.

For more information and to request a free spend audit, please contact the team